Who is Yaşar Özkan

He was born in 1932 in Göynük village of Nevşehir-Avanos. After finishing elementary school in his village, he graduated from Tophane Art School in 1950 and İstanbul Technical School (now called Yıldız Technical University) in 1955 from Machinery Engineering.

After working for a short while in M.K.E. Kırıkkale Rice factory following his graduation, he did his military service in 1955 winter at 43rd Term Reserve Officer School. After his 24 months military service, he started to work at DSİ Underground Waters. He directed research soundings in several regions for 4,5 years, he created his own contractor firm in 1962.

Apart from constructor activities, he spent the last 15 years studying research publications as a hobby. His articles have been published in ‘İnşaat Sanayii’ and ‘İTÜ Foundation’ magazines and on web. Some of his
published articles are Hologram Universe, Hologram Brain; Similarities Between Quantum Physics and Ancient Disciplines; Nanotechnology; Takyonlar; Our World’s Adventures of the Last 70 Years; Global Warming and System of Insects.


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