Our Occupational Health And Safety Policy


As Yaşar Özkan Inc., we declare that; We will establish an environment management system that develops and proceeds the environmental consciousness of our employees, Therefore, we will protect the natural environment by
minimizing the effects through cooperation with voluntary institutions and society, Through the integration between Technology-Economy- Environment; we will enrich our economy as we prevent the waste of natural sources, diminish the amount of waste and recycle that waste by using suitable technology, In today’s rapidly evolving technology and the changing environmental approaches to environmental and human health protection; we will give priority to education and practices of our company and active participation of all employees by providing a dynamic environmental policy.


As Yaşar Özkan Inc., we declare that; We will act with all applicable laws and regulations, we will ensure that we protect the safety of our employees whom are the most valuable resource of all and occupational health, minimize the effects of their work and service production and possible work-related accidents; and develop productivity and quality in this direction, We will contribute to the development of responsibility awareness by organizing training programs and ensuring that our employees understand their responsibilities and their role in this system, With the participation of our employees, we will provide a safe and health work environment by eliminating the potential risks to endeavor to reach our goal of “zero accidents”. We will set new goals each year, to ensure the continued development of OH & S system.