Fields of Activity
  • Oil and Water Storage Tanks
  • Pumping Stations and Pipelines
  • Sewerage and Rain Water Lines
  • Airports
  • Shore Fortifications
  • Infrastructure for Housing Complexes


  • Housing Complexes
  • Business Centers
  • Official and Administrative Buildings
  • School, Dormitory and amphitheater
  • Steel Structures
  • Hotels and Holiday Villages
  • Building Automation and Mechanical Works
  • Smart Building Systems

Health Facilities

  • Hospitals
  • Turn key Dental Clinic

Fine Works

  • Government and Private Buildings Renovation and Decorations
  • Open and Closed Pool Construction

Industrial Plants

  • Plant Constructions
  • Mechanical Erections
  • Electric and Electronical Installations

Electric and Electronic Works

  • HV-LV Power Transmission and Distribution Lines
  • Transformer Substations and Switchgear Yards
  • Outdoor Lighting Installations
  • Airport Terminal Building Electronic Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Building Automation Installations
  • Smart Building Systems